Zafem Note for the press

Decoding Zafem’s Press Note

In the calm of dawn, the moment just before the sun rises and the world awakens, a bamboo bends, humble yet eagerly seeking the warmth of the sun.

This image, so eloquently presented by Zafèm, captures the essence of their grand premiere—an event as radiant and as pervasive as the unyielding light of the sun, enveloping every corner of the world.

Ti zwazo ti zwazo gòj mwen bouke

The plaintive cry, “Little bird, little bird, my throat is tired!” echoes through the crowd, a poetic expression of the overwhelming joy and deep emotion engendered by the premiere.

The celebratory hum of the crowd is likened to the vibrant dance of bees under a grand celestial spotlight, a beautiful testament to the transformative power of music that could not be contained within the boundaries of the venue.

Gratitude becomes the rhythm of the day. Each shared smile, each cheer, and each round of applause symbolize a moment of shared connection and unity.

Zafem Note for the press

Lè jou yo souri ba nou, Nou gen gratitid pou sa.

“When the days smile at us, we are grateful for that,” Zafèm writes, reflecting the deep appreciation felt by all present.

Zafèm extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined them on this momentous occasion, celebrating with them and witnessing their historic beginning.

Even those who could not fully comprehend the magnitude of the event were included in this grand expression of gratitude.

Zafèm ak pèp sila se marasa

The bond Zafèm shares with their people is likened to marasa, or twin spirits in Haitian Vodou—unbreakable, infinite.

The grand premiere was not just a performance; it was a symphony of community, of shared culture, and of unity.

There is a special mention for KALFOU RICHÈS, symbolically a crossroads overflowing with diamonds in the slums, the source of the beautiful scenes they were allowed to employ in their performance. It is a tribute to the precious gems of their homeland.

Zack August, Zafèm’s special designer, earns a special accolade. The camaraderie between them is evident; there is a shared sense of achievement and celebration.

The organizing team, Jaz Enterprise and Westwood Entertainment, are appreciated, as are the media that traversed the Melrose gates over the weekend.

AYISYEN! Lè n fè yon sèl nou BEL

The grand premiere becomes a clarion call for unity, for strength, and for surpassing oneself. “When we are one, we are beautiful. Let’s continue to surpass ourselves,” Zafèm states.

This note to the press, poetic and filled with heartfelt emotion, is a testament to Zafèm’s journey, one marked by patience rather than chance.

They are not just performers; they are the voice of their people, their culture, and their unity. The resounding echo of their spirit is encapsulated in their mantra,

“This Is Zafèm, Zafèm, Zafèm!”