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Dener Ceide: The Versatile Maestro

Dener Ceide, born in Saint-Louis-du-Sud, Haiti, is a renowned singer, composer, and guitarist known for contributing to Konpa and Jazz genres.

His talents were recognized early on, and he gained popularity with his performances in Harmonik’s hit album “Jere’m” in 2009, where he delivered an outstanding performance of Marc Lubin’s composition “Ur Secret.”

Ceide has collaborated with many legendary groups and artists, such as Tabou Combo, where he contributed to their latest album, “Konpa to the World.”

In a duet with Wid, Zenglen’s then-new singer, he collaborated with them on a love-themed rendition of Sincerely Yours.

Despite his increasing demand, Ceide has managed to maintain a balance between his reserved nature and his conquering spirit.

He has always avoided the frenzy of fame, concentrating on improving the caliber of his work instead.

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His unique approach to music, combining a technical and characteristic style of singing with his skills as a guitarist and keyboardist, has garnered him a lot of respect in the industry.

Ceide’s journey with music started in his hometown of Becherette, where his mother, Marie Bruno, was a choreographer in the choir.

His affinity towards music led him to learn the banjo and the guitar. He further polished his skills in Port-au-Prince under the mentorship of the super guitarist Jimmy Jn. Felix.

He later moved to Florida for his studies in Music Education at Miami Dade. His collaborations with Nicky Prud’Homme (Harmonik) put him in the limelight and allowed him to showcase his lyrical prowess and melodious harmonica playing.

He has also worked with groups like “Miami Live” and “Urban Mystic” and celebrities like Neeyo, Laureen Hill, etc.

One of his most notable performances was at the White House in 2016 as part of an official celebration to honor American citizens and other people from the Caribbean living in the United States.

Today, Dener Ceide is viewed as a musical conqueror, respected and adored by his peers and music lovers. His fans eagerly await the release of his first solo album, which is expected to showcase his extraordinary talents further.

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Beyond his contributions to various groups, Dener Ceide has consistently demonstrated a passion for his craft, a dedication to quality, and an ability to bring an innovative touch to his work.

His diverse musical background, influenced by genres such as jazz, rock & roll, classical, Latin-jazz, konpa, and worldbeat, has contributed to his unique style and approach to music.

In addition to his singing and guitar playing, Ceide has been recognized as a skilled arranger, composer, and enterprising keyboardist. His proficiency in these areas has allowed him to contribute substantially to various albums, enhancing their musical quality and depth.

In particular, Ceide’s work with the group Zenglen is notable. His contributions to their album “Rezilta…Pirèd” included the captivating track “Sincerely yours,” among others. His creative input, both as a performer and a composer, played a significant role in the album’s success.

His collaborations with the group Klass, particularly on “You Don’t want me,” have also been well-received.

Ceide’s talents extend beyond performance and composition. He’s known for his work as an arranger, contributing significantly to Gazzman Couleur’s acclaimed album “Klere yo.”

In addition to composing and arranging several songs on the album, he played a significant role as a guitarist, lyricist, and keyboardist.

His music is distinguished by its eclectic blend of genres, innovative melodies, and intricate harmonies. Whether playing a searing guitar solo or delivering an emotive vocal performance, Ceide’s passion for his craft shines through.

Perhaps one of the most memorable moments in his career was his performance at the White House in 2016, which brought him international recognition. This event, among others, has solidified Ceide’s reputation as a versatile and talented musician with a bright future.

As of now, fans and music enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating his first solo album. Given his track record and immense talent, this project is expected to further solidify his place as one of the leading figures in the world of Konpa and Jazz.

His journey so far promises an exciting and influential musical legacy, and his future projects will continue to push these genres’ boundaries.