evens blaise,Zafem's manager- Evens Blaise: The Powerhouse Behind Zafem

Evens Blaise: The Powerhouse Behind Zafem

Behind every successful band in the Haitian Music Industry, there is a committed team working tirelessly offstage, the unsung heroes crafting the journey towards stardom. 

One such backstage maestro is Evens Blaise, a manager with Zafem, and the CEO of Jaz Enterprise, the promoters of “La Nuit des Jeunes” (LNDJ), one of the most prestigious events in New York City. 

evens blaise,Zafem's manager- Evens Blaise: The Powerhouse Behind Zafem

Today, we bring you an insightful interview conducted by renowned Haitian entertainer, Guy Wewe, shedding light on the invaluable role of these backstage architects.

Evens’ Experience and Reputations

Evens Blaise, an esteemed figure in the industry, has earned a reputation for his discipline, dedication, and professionalism. 

With rich experiences, including managing the classic New York All-stars, evens shares his journey and insights into the Haitian Music Industry.

In this quick-fire session with Guy Wewe, evens eloquently encapsulates his professional journey:

Guy Wewe: Evens, Zafem is a serious project with a sense of professionalism that suits your disciplined and structured nature. Would you agree?

Evens Blaise: Yes, I’ve always loved well-structured, disciplined environments. Zafem aligns perfectly with my principles.

Discussing his journey in the music business, evens acknowledges being seen as overly rigid at times but attributes his success to his passion, vision, and discipline.

These traits, he says, are reflected in his work with Zafem.

Guy Wewe: Have you ever seen a jazz compa band performing back-to-back concerts in New York?

Evens Blaise: Such things may have happened in the times of Tabou and Skah Shah. But in the recent history, spanning about 30 years, I believe Zafem is making a difference.

When questioned about Zafem’s international appeal, evens confidently assures that their music transcends borders, appealing not only to the Haitian or Caribbean communities but also resonating universally.

Guy Wewe: As Zafem’s booking agent and manager, how many dates have Zafem confirmed?

Evens Blaise: We have about 55 confirmed dates.

Zafem’s Upcoming Gigs

Evens reveals these dates extend into September 2024, featuring concerts in countries including Ghana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, and Paris.

He hints at numerous other international calls from interested parties, suggesting that Zafem’s work and reputation have begun to generate global attention.

The interview is a testament to the critical role that managers and booking agents play in shaping the success stories of bands in the Haitian music industry.

Evens Blaise’s journey with Zafem is a shining example of this, and a beacon for the future of Haitian music.

Success in the Haitian music industry is as much about the musicians on stage as it is about the dedicated individuals behind the scenes.

Evens Blaise’s example, as the manager of Zafem and CEO of Jaz Enterprise, is a testament to this fact, showcasing that discipline, dedication, and a well-structured approach are key to thriving in the music industry.

As we look forward to the various international tours that Zafem has in the pipeline, we can only anticipate that the blend of their dynamic performances and the diligent work of their management team will continue to bring Haitian music into the global spotlight.